IMG_7027I haven’t wrote a favourites post in months now and I thought I should considering I have so much to share. I will jump straight in as I have a few things!

Firstly would be my new hair brush, The Tangle Teaser Blow-Styling Full Paddle Brush. It is incredible!! I am normally lazy with drying my hair so blow drying is a rare thing but this brush has changed everything! The bristles are really tough and hard which I think really has helped my hair. The overall change of appearance of my hair has even been noticeable which I’m so happy with. This was £17 from Boots but I paid with my Boots points as I was unsure whether I could justify it!!

Next is these Clarins ‘Booster Drops’, being a fan of Clarins I have been intrigued by these. I picked them up along with the Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster ones on Depop actually for £5 each which is ridiculous when they are usually £20! I am yet to try the Tanning ones but I am really looking forward to and I’m sure they will be featured in the blog if I do. I add 3 drops to my foundation or sometimes moisturiser and I find they have started to make a difference to my skin, when I don’t use them I do notice the difference.



Then would be ‘The Crown’ on Netflix, I recently finished How I Met Your Mother which was absolutely incredible and my boyfriend suggested to start The Crown. I do like it so far, if you’ve watched it before please let me know below or give me suggestions as to good things to watch on Netflix!


Another would be blogging! I absolutely love blogging and writing posts. I do struggle to have inspiration sometimes but that is understandable but when I get a spark it makes me really excited! I think making an Instagram that is along side my blog has also helped and hopefully means my audience will slowly start to expand.

Finally would be these nails from ‘Elegant Touch’, I pick mine up from Boots. I have heard these spoken about before and finally decided to pick some up. I have three sets now. The ones I have currently are white and holographic! I have had so many compliments from them and I really think they have boosted my self confidence and I feel like I kind of have my life together. They cost from about £6/7 which is a bargain compared to going to a salon to get them done. They are so simple as well as I can easily remove them. I am also interested in trying the ones out that Primark do as I think they are only £1/2!

Let me know what you’re loving this month!

Thank you for reading,

Rachel xo

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