So last Saturday with my mum and sister we took the dog to Blaise Castle which is a popular field/walk in Bristol! The walk consisted of going through a church yard and we ended up at a museum, it was so lovely and thankfully the weather was on our side.

My sister and I got some lovely shots of each other as well as the surroundings so I thought I would share this in a blog post!


As you may have read in another outfit post I am wearing this gorgeous shirt for Asos, it was easy to just chuck on with this outfit.


Underneath I wore this top from Topshop which has again been featured in another post! And then with my favourite Hollister jeans which as so comfy!


I used this bag which I actually picked up from Sainsbury’s, it was £9 (half price) so was a complete bargain. I have been crushing on this Givenchy bag literally forever but when I saw this obviously it isn’t exactly the same but it is a pretty good dupe and is so much cheaper! The Givenchy is £1,590.00 and I got this one for £9. I’m sure this will feature more on my blog as you can’t see much in the photo!

I bought these nails from Elegant Touch and they’re gorgeous and holographic, they aren’t too long which I like as I can still live my life day to day without having to ask anyone do anything for me! They were £6.99 I think and are so much less hassle than getting them done at a salon. I wore a lot of rings as I love how they look, I think they make an outfit! In the top two photos, the left one: 1st- Pandora, 2nd- Next and 3rd Next and Right: 1st- Pandora, 2nd- Depop and 3rd- Pandora.


That’s it for today, thank you for reading!
Rachel xo

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