OOTD! Chill Saturday, it’s all about the details.

So I am really into fashion and I thought it would be a great idea to start writing an OOTD post once a week. I love seeing peoples styles and I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did writing it! I have linked everything at the end of the post or similar.


So my inspo behind this outfit was the shirt, I saw this on asos ages ago and ever since I have seen multiple people out and about wearing similar. The exact shirt I saw I actually managed to find on Depop for just £10 instead of its originally price of £28, I’m loving depop at the moment especially when I find a bargain!

As you can see from the photo above the shirt is blue, not denim though, it has a frayed collar and detailing on the pockets which I love as it makes the outfit more interesting. I paired it with my favourite mom jeans which are black and from Topshop. These are a bit of a squeeze to get over my bum (the gyms clearly paying off) but they are flattering and such a staple in my wardrobe. Underneath the shirt I am wearing this stripe crop top which was from Primark years ago for £5! My boots are the thing that bring this outfit altogether in my opinion. They are a gorgeous grey colour with a small chunky heel that has gold detailing on. I actually got them from the kids section in New Look which meant they were an absolute steal and a cheaper price!


As you can see my dog is a poser and always gets in photos, he’s actually adorable with his cone on!

DETAILS (I wasn’t able to get photos…)

As always I have my staple rings from Pandora, my accessorize watch and also my coordinates necklace from a little Etsy shop!

Details about the Details…. 

So firstly the ‘Shimmering Leaves Ring’ from Pandora, my boyfriend bought me this when we first met and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Next the ‘Laurel Wreath Ring’, again from Pandora, which my sister gifted me not too long ago.

Finally for rings is again one my boyfriend bought me which you could say is typical. The ‘Princess Tiara Ring’, I really like how dainty and special this ring is. It is kind of like our little promise ring until one day I get to be his Queen (cheese I know !!) so it means a lot to us.

Another thing that adds a lot to my outfit is this watch from Accesorize. It has a plain black strap with a white clock face and gold surrounding that. I got this a few years ago and it has been a staple ever since. I do need a new watch as this one is getting worse for wear after being dropped but for now this one is doing me well.

Lastly is my Etsy Personalised Coordinates Necklace. I saw another blogger, who is also in a LDR, they posted about personalised rings that her and her partner have. I instantly was drawn and decided to have a look myself and this is where I found an Etsy Shop where I could design my own. On the front I have the coordinates of where my boyfriend is and then on the back I have his initials. It means so much to me and I wear it every day pretty much. Of course I chose mine to be rose gold! It was shipping really quickly from America also.

Thank you so much for reading,

Rachel xo



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Insta/ @_rachelcrocker

Depop/ @rachelcrocker_



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