Recent Purchases!

So I thought I would write a little post about some recent purchases! Now these will be slightly random and I doubt there will be any order or flow, like my life!

Recently I have really got into Clarins, their products that I have used so far are incredible and I can’t recommend them enough! I went into my local Clarins at Boots and have created a lovely bond with one of the women there! After going in for a FREE (Iknowmad!) facial and makeover I picked up the ‘Clarins Everlasting Foundation’ and I absolutely blimmin’ loveit!!! I like a full coverage as my skin is very patchy in colour pigment and full of under skin blemishes/scars. Since trying this it has literally changed my makeup and the way I feel about my face! Also it is high-end but I think for the huge bottle it is a decent price at £28.

Next, again sticking with the Clarins, is the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment oil. Now I got a tester for this when I went in store of 2ml and had been using it really sparingly as I did not have the money to buy the full size for £44 (ouch!!). However since then I found a lovely seller on depot who was selling it. There was probably about just over half left in the bottle and I got it for a tenner which is a right bargain if you ask me! It is a multi-use product as I normally add a drop or two to my foundation in the morning and then in the evening I add it to my night cream. It smells divine and I’ve really seen a difference to my skin when I use it and when I don’t. This product is definitely worth a splurge if you have the money and I will no doubt be repurchasing once my bottle is finished.

Another thing I have purchased recently is this hangy thing (no other way to describe it) from IKEA! It kind of looks like a mosquito net however it isn’t and does give a warning that it is not. I have this hanging just above my bed and honestly I don’t know what I did without it. I think it was about £6.99 or something crazy like that. As well as looking slightly cool in my room it is really helpful for my anxiety and is basically a little safe place I can go… I can cover myself completely up and be tucked away so I feel at ease. It makes me feel comfortable and really helps me sleep. If you suffer with anxiety or depression or want a little safe place then I really recommend buying one of these, I’m sure there are alternatives online. I have two posters behind the net, both from Waterstones and one is a map of the UK and the other the London Tubes/Underground. I also have my grey blanket which is the cosiest thing ever that my boyfriend bought me which is from primark, my bedding is Ikea and then I have the cutest Stitch from ‘Lilo and Stitch’ pillow from The Disney Store, A pug cushion (omg!!) which is from matalan and then finally my teddy which my Nanny got me for my 4th birthday.


Then finallyy would be this pink ruffle top which is an actual steal for £6 from primark! I saw someone with this top in their hand and legit ran round the whole store trying to find it as I needed it! It is this gorgeous pink colour which I wouldn’t normally wear but it really compliments my skin tone and oh its just beautiful! P.S I found this so hard to photograph so apologies…


That’s it for now, speak soon.

Rachel xox


Question! I have been thinking about making an Instagram directly for my blog, would anyone be interested?xo


Insta: @_rachelcrocker

Depop: @rachelcrocker_


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