Now for the past few weeks I have been trying out OGX shampoo and conditioner ‘Argan oil of Morocco’. My mum bought it for me as it was on offer in Tesco I think! It is crazy expensive for shampoo and conditioner, well in my opinion and since using head and shoulders or cheaper duos for most my life!


After the first use I was instantly HOOKED! This combo is absolutely incredible and it has made such a difference to my hair and its condition. Although my hair is quite short and thin it gets very very greasy and horrible normally after the first day after washing BUT since using this it has literally been a game changer!! My hair is in such good condition that I’m able to leave it up to 4 days without washing whereas before I’d want to wash it every day.

Now it is more expensive and I think was 2 for £10 or something like that but the bottle has lasted so well so far so I think it really is worth it, especially when on offer! I think it’s available at Boots and Superdrug as well as supermarkets. It also has gorgeous packaging, I love it.

Have any of you ever tried OGX? if so which one? Or if not, what is your favourite shampoo and conditioner combo?!

Thank you for reading, I’m going to try and do product reviews like this more often as I really enjoy it! Speak soon,

Rachel xo

Depop: @rachelcrocker_

Insta: @_rachelcrocker


If OGX or anyone wanna hit me up with products, email me !!

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