Hi loves!

SO I had started writing a blog post today but I just couldn’t even because of the heat!

It’s been 32 degrees today which is unbearable for us!

I thought I’d write a little Q and A with some questions I found online as my original plan flew out the window! I tag any of you that are reading this to answer these questions!

So firstly….

Question One: How old are you?

Answer: 17 and a bit, my Birthday is in October!

Question Two: How many children do you want when you’re older?

Answer: I mean to be honest 4 I think! I just love the idea of having 4 and then possibly adopting if we’re financially able!

Question Three: Do you have any pets?

Answer: YES!! I have the most gorgeous dog called Max, we adpoted him last year from a dogs home and he is literally my best friend and the best thing thats ever happened to me!! I also have a guinea pig called Toby who is adorable!

Question Four: Where is your favourite place to shop?

Answer: ZARA ZARA ZARA! I bloody love Zara, I do find the staff so rude but their clothes and the style of clothes is right up my street!!

Finally, Question Five: What do you want to do in future? 

Answer: I would love to be a blogger/youtuber, I think it would be a perfect job for me when taking my illnesses into consideration.


If you have any more questions then drop them down below! I’ll be back tomorrow with an OGX haircare review! Also feel free to answer these questions down below in the comments, I’d love to get to know you all!

Speak soon,

Rachel xox

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