Body Conf

Disclaimer one: I hate my body.

Disclaimer two: I’ll never fully like my body… I doubt anyone will. 

Disclaimer three: I have no idea what I’m going to write, its all just gonna flow out of mind so apologies.

As much as I love this time of year, I also absolutely hate it, what do I wear????

I hate my legs and my stomach and how big my boobs are, but then no matter how hard I work or not eat nothing will change overnight so surely I should just embrace it!??

Everyone always say I’m slim or ‘fine the way I am’ and it really cuts deep when you know you aren’t. My stomach literally looks like I’m 20 weeks pregnant, nice.

I’ve found baggy type dresses are fine for this time of year, that way I’m cool but also don’t feel awkward with something that’s hugging to my figure.

I had this photo taken of me yesterday which is kinda the reason I thought about writing this post, I posted it on Instagram because I actually felt good about myself and my body for once!! But then it’s all about angles, you can’t see my stomach and my thighs are angled so that you don’t see the flabby bits so I’m really just living a lie, right?



Do any of you struggle with this? I suppose we all do to some extent, let me know down below your thoughts…


Thanks for reading,

Rachel xo

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