Dedicated to him

When I first started my blog I had a list in my notes of posts I wanted to write, one of them was titled ‘Dedicated to him’… Now when my Boyfriend saw this he was persistent that I wrote it and here I am, finally writing it.

Soooo this post is called ‘Dedicated to him’

Now I’ve never really been a hopeless romantic or dreamed of falling at a guys feet or anything crazy (100% a lie.). I love it all, I love every moment. Falling in love is just the BEST!! Now I’m not trying to rub it in if you’re on your own because I was you but I just want to talk about how quickly things can change. It’s incredible how basically overnight someone can become your entire world!

When I started talking to my boyfriend, I had never met him, he lived in Spain (I’m in the U.K.) , I wasn’t really up for a relationship, let alone a long distance relationship, and my mental health was incredibly bad. But literally within 2 days I was head over heals in love. I’d never met him or had hardly spoken to him for that long but I just knew it, I knew I loved him.

Ever since then it has been a whirlwind. There are so many ups and downs to a long distance relationship BUT if you love the person and are willing then it is worth every single second. Every time I get to see him I am so happy, getting to spend time today is honestly incredible and I never realised how much you actually take things for granted until I was doing long distance. I savour every moment.

One thing that has helped the distance is communication, we WhatsApp message most moments we can and then try to Skype a lot. I find it exciting getting to Skype and see him, it’s what I look forward to on a daily basis. Sometimes I get to fall asleep on Skype if I’m anxious or want him there and it really helps. Another thing that I have done is made a scrapbook, it has pictures and stuff like train tickets from every visit we’ve had since we have first met and whenever I do feel down I really like to look back through it and think about the good things. Distance is something that I never planned on doing but it really has changed my life.

I can’t wait until the day where I get to tell our children all about it and we can be together, it is worth every second ❤

If any one wants any tips on LDR then feel free to ask, I don’t know everything but you learn when thrown into these situations!


Thats it for today,

Rachel xx

Dom I FREAKING LOVE YOU! I know you’re reading!


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  1. This is just the sweetest💕💕 I can TOTALLY relate to falling in love in an instant! Im an ldr blogger too, so Id love to have you read my story too. Cant wait to read more from you! And i love the scrapbook idea…im absolutley gonna put one together for Rob and I❤😁

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