My favourite pieces from my wardrobe!

So I love fashion and hopefully some of my followers do too! I thought it would be cool to share a few of my favourites from my wardrobe! (I will try and link pieces if I can find them!)

Firstly is this GORGEOUS Zara top! Now I saw this everywhere when it first came out and had to get it! It has gorgeous embroidery at the top and then goes out in a peplum type bottom half. It has ruffles on the top of the sleeves which looks lovely. It also has slightly puffy sleeves.

Secondly is my faux fur coat from Hollister! Now I saw this and dreamed as it was so expensive and then found it in the sale and couldn’t resist! I got this two years ago and it has lasted so well! It looks amazing, obviously you’d wear it more in the winter as it would be too hot in summer! It really makes and outfit standout. I normally put this on top of jeans and a jumper or nice top and it really makes the outfit smart.

Then is my Next skirt. Now I only got this recently but it is LUSH! I think I got it for £11 from Next ‘special purchases’, It is great quality and have got so much wear out of it already. It looks really nice with the green top shown in the photo. Again this is great for winter as you could wear it with some really wooly tights and a big coat but also is versatile as you could wear it in the summer which a little top and some sandals.

Next would be my embroidered bomber jacket. It’s pink and a sort of satin/silk material, it is also reversible! I picked this up in Primark and it was reduced to £10 from £30 which I thought was the best! I don’t have any other bomber jackets as I don’t like the way they look but when I tried this on I thought it was really cute and suited me. I love to just wear this on top of jeans and a tucked in top, I either wear it normally or just place it over my shoulders. I think this gives it a really good chic look. I doubt they have this in Primark still as I got it in the Christmas sale! One side is pink and embroidered a bit on the front and has a big pattern on the back and then the other side is just plain and purple which I must admit I’ve never worn it the purple way!

Then lastly is my Mom jeans from Topshop, I got these for my birthday last year and Ilovethem!! They were about £60 I think so couldn’t justify buying them myself so a birthday present seemed appropriate! Again they are embroidered (I’m obsessed!) down the legs as you’ll see from the photos. I love these jeans and think they are quite flattering for my figure.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading, Rachel xx

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