So I thought I should get back into the swing of things by writing a blog and seeing as it is now May then I though an April favourites would be perfect!

So firstly the Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll mascara, it costs £7.99. I bought this as I heard Sophie Foster raving about it on Youtube. which meant I had to try it out! Now I love this, it gives a really nice length to the lashes and isn’t too clumpy which is great. I don’t think there isn’t anything overly incredible about this mascara but it has a really cool unique wand and is an average mascara. I would re-purchase.

Then next is the Real Techniques sculpting brush, it costs £9.99. Now I had wanted this for years and finally persuaded myself to buy it and treat myself and I’m so glad I did. I can really see the difference between using this brush and using other contour/ bronzer brushes. It’s really worth the money.

The next thing has to be my Pandora rings! Now I have 4 pandora rings altogether but I have 3 favourites!

The first one is the beautiful ‘Shimmering Leaves Ring’, it costs £75. Now I had wanted this for the longest time and my boyfriend actually surprised me with it which I still can’t believe! It fits so nicely and is do comfy to wear.

Secondly is the ‘Princess Tiara Ring’, it costs £45. Now again like the first ring I had wanted this for ages! Again my boyfriend surprised me with this which I was so happy about! It is gorgeous and again fits so nicely.

Then finally is the ‘Purple Romance Ring’, I bought this in the sale at Pandora and it was about £25 I think which is great considering it was originally about £60. This is absolutely GORGEOUS! It is a perfect fit.

I recommend these to everyone, they are great quality.

Another thing I have been loving this month is the Collection primed and ready correct and conceal palette, it costs £4.99. My favourite is the green shade, this is used to counteract against redness. I find this incredible to use! it is honestly the best thing I have ever used and I cannot wait to purchase the green shade in stick form as it will be easier to repurchase than the whole palette! I do like the purple shade also which is to help remove yellow tones, I don’t really struggle with yellowness so haven’t got that much use out of this. also there is a small powder which is amazing and a little concealer which is the standard collection concealer just in a handy travel size. I would definitely re-purchase!


That’s it really! Thanks for reading 🙂

R xx

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