SO like most people who are fans of Jeffree or Manny MUA they were so excited for their collab to be released! When I got onto the website they only had the highlighter and lipsticks left, the bundle was all sold out!

I was tempted to buy all three items but I thought I probably wouldn’t wear the lipsticks as much as the highlighter. The highlighter Skin Frost is in the shade ‘Eclipse’.

The highlighter cost $29 which actually BREAKS my heart!! But I used the coupon code ‘Mannymua’ and saved $3 so I guess every little helps. Shipping was $7.41 which I thought was decent as obviously it was shipped from America to the UK. HOWEVER I did have to pay customs tax which added £12.65 to the overall cost. This means I almost spent about £50 for this freaking product (lets hope its worth it)!!!!!

The shade is gorgeous so I’m not disappointed, I think it will suit every skin tone as the colour is subtle although so shimmery. However I struggled to swatch it, it does go on the skin really nicely though.

It came in standard packaging with the logo on tape to keep it secure, then inside was some tissue paper and the product inside and also a photo or Manny mua and Jeffree which sadly I didn’t get a signed one!

The packaging is lovely and is in a stylish black pan with the logo on.


As you can see it is HUGE ! Which considering I paid so much I think that’s great.





Overall I am really pleased with this product and I kind of have to be! I think buying the product alone was an okay price but with the shipping and customs on top of that I don’t think I will purchase of the website again, unless I order more than one item! Obviously customs tax is neither Manny or Jeffrees fault I am simply just saying.

If you have any questions please do ask!

Thanks for reading,

Rachel xx


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