The Best Brushes for foundation, concealer, powder, contour and highlight!

Good evening! So being a lover of make-up and trying out make-up I have quite a big collection. This also means I’ve tried out quite a few different make-up brushes.

My favourite brands for make-up brushes are from Real Techniques, No 7, Eco Tools and also superdry.

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I’m going to give my favourite brush for each type of brush and then a few other substitutes if I have them.


  1. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – £5.99
  2. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – £8.99

I find the sponge really handy, I usually dampen it a tiny bit with water then add a little bit of MAC fix+. I have found this the best way to get the best coverage.

Then the expert face brush I used to use until I purchased the sponge, it gives really good coverage all over your face and also blends out really nicely.


  1. Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge – £5.99
  2. Real Techniques miracle mini complexion sponge – £7.99 (for 4)

I again dampen the sponge with water and then add a little bit of MAC fix+ (I recommend fix+ to everyone, seriously you need it!!). This goes for both number one and two.


  1. Real Techniques Powder Brush – £10.99
  2. Real Techniques Bold Metals Arched Powder Brush – £25

Both of these Powder brushes are amazing, they’re both a good size to cover your face but not too big that you miss places. Considering the Bold Metals brush was a considerable amount more money wise, I’m so disappointed, I prefer the standard Real Techniques one.


  1. Superdry Angled Contour Brush – not sure about price, you can get similar brushes from Superdrug for £3.99.
  2. Real Techniques Bold Metals Flat Contour Brush – £22
  3. So Eco Finishing Brush (To blend contour) – £6

The Superdry brush was from a little set I got after Christmas for about £5 I think! I don’t think this brush was specifically for contour BUT I absolutely love it and I find it is perfect for me.

I really like the Real Techniques brush but again I prefer the brush from Superdry. However this is a great brush and if you have the budget for it then I would definitely give it a try!

Lastly is the So Eco Finishing Brush, I really love this for blending in my contour as I don’t like it to be too obvious and cakey. I haven’t tried any other brushes like this, I think Real Techniques have one called the stippling brush that I’d like to try. for now though I really like this one.


  1. B. Cosmetics Fan Brush – £5
  2. Real Techniques Setting Brush – £7.99
  3. Nanshy Marvel Blending Sponge (to tone down highlight) – £5.95

After looking for ages for an affordable fan brush I finally found one in Superdrug, its a really good price and I love it. I can really see the difference between using a fan brush and a brush thats not specific for highlight.

I would use the Real Techniques Setting Brush as its a good size to get highlight where you want it but since buying the fan brush it hasn’t been needed.

When using highlighters that are quite pigmented I usually use this sponge to blend it a bit just so it isn’t too intense. Sometimes I want a more subtle highlight and this really helps to get that look.

If anyone has any other ideas of Blog posts I can write then let me know as id love to see any suggestions!

Also I apologise for the condition of my brushes, I have just cleaned them after writing the post and didn’t get round to it before!


Thanks so much for reading,

R xx

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