My Perfume Collection!

So I am rolling out the posts currently! But I thought it would be cool to share my perfume collection, it’s probably not much compared to other peoples but I personally love what I have! ❤

I’m just going to list them below and give a rating out of 5, hopefully that is helpful! If you have any other questions I’d love to help, just comment below.

Britney Spears ‘Midnight Fantasy’ – 30ml. This is one of my favourite perfumes EVER! It is so long lasting and the smell is really potent and just >GORGEOUS<! You can buy this for about £10-15 from various places, it’s normally on sale in Superdrug or Boots or online.

Would definitely give this a 5/5.


Britney Spears ‘Circus Fantasy’ – 30ml.  I love this perfume like the one above, it is long lasting and again the smell is really potent. Again this ranges at about £10-15 but is usually on offer.

I would give this a 4/5, just as I prefer the smell of the midnight fantasy perfume more!


Made in Chelsea London – 50ml. This perfume is ‘okay’, I wouldn’t repurchase this as it isn’t very long lasting but the smell is average. You get what you pay for I guess. As you can tell I’ve been trying to use it up! This is about £10 to buy, I bought it in a gift set so I think it was like £15.


The Body Shop ‘Atlas Mountain Rose’ – 100ml. I really like this, the smell is really nice and also is long lasting. I think it is really worth the money especially as it is 100ml! Would definetly re-buy. I bought this for £11 in the sale and its not online anymore so I’m not sure the usual price.



Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ – 125ml. If I’m honest I’m so disappointed in this product :/ considering I paid 75€+ in the airport in Duty Free which means it was cheaper than buying from Boots or Debenhams. The smell is nice but it hardly lasts at all, not even an hour in my opinion. As it was so expensive, being Marc Jacobs I expect so much better so I’m annoyed at the price. From Boots it is £85 but I bought it for about 75€ from Duty Free.

1/5, if that. That’s just for packaging…

The bottle is so gorgeous!

DKNY ‘MY NY’ – 30ml. I was given this by my Auntie, it smells ‘okay’ I probably wouldn’t buy it myself as its not really my sort of scent but I have used it occasionally and it lasts okay. This is about £16-20.



One Direction ‘Our Moment’ – 50ml. Being a hardcore One Direction fan a few years ago I had to get their perfumes! At the time I thought it was lovely but it doesn’t really suit me much anymore so haven’t worn it for ages but its still nice to have in my collection I guess. You can buy this on amazon for about £10, it was a lot more expensive when I bought it though!



One Direction ‘You and I’ – 50ml. Again this was only bought due to the fact that it was by One Direction but it smells nice. I haven’t worn it recently but it is a nice scent. Again this is about £10 however I bought it for more.



Beyonce ‘Heat’ – 100ml. I mainly bought this due to the fact that it was by Beyonce >Actual Queen I know?<. This fragrance is so fresh and so different, I LOVE IT! It also lasts really well so all round is a winner! This is about £15 which is what I paid on amazon.


Beyonce ‘Rise’ – 100ml. I love this, I’d probably say it is one of my favourite perfumes. I got this for Christmas from my Boyfriend and it is just such a gorgeous fragrance that I always get compliments on when I wear it. I wouldn’t say it is my normal scent to wear but I love it nevertheless! Plus look how BEAUTIFUL the packaging is?!!! This is about £10, depending on where you buy it from.

5/5, definitely. 

Zoella ‘Blissful Mistful’  and ‘Let’s Spritz’ both 45ml. These were bought to support Zoe and because they smell so lush! They both are now probably two or three years old but they still smell amaze. They are floral but not too much if that makes sense! Definitely recommend. Great price also. These were both £8 each.



That’s it for today, let me know down below your favourite perfume!xo


R xx


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