My Current Makeup WISHLIST!

Good Evening! So in tonights post I thought that I would write out a little current Wishlist of beauty bits. I’ve seen a few people write posts similar and I really like the style of it as you can either comment on things that you already have or it gives you new ideas of potential things to try out!

I’m going to dive right in….

  1. So the first thing I’ve been eyeing up The Balm ‘Mary-Lou Manizer’, I’ve been “umming” and “ahhing” about this for so long now and think one day I just need to take the plunge and purchase it! Maybe for my Birthday or something, I’m sure my Boyfriend or Mum will be persuaded 😉 (hint hint!). This retails at about £18-20 depending on where you are buying from, currently on Feelunique it is £13.50 so I can’t say I’m just a tad more tempted! theBalm_Mary_Lou_Manizer_Luminizer_8_5g_1385999761
  2. The second thing is the Urban Decay Weightless Concealer. I have seen Youtubers like Zoella, Tanya Burr, Emily Canham ect. use this product for years and it looks really good on the skin and as a more high end concealer I think one day it would be lovely to try out! It is £19 which is more expensive for a concealer, I’ve only ever paid about £7 for a concealer I think so if I do purchase this it won’t be yet!3605970914615_nakedconcealer_fairneutral_alt2
  3. Another thing is the MAC ‘Upward Lash Mascara’. I can’t remember who spoke about this but I’ve seen this been raved about a lot and I’m always up for trying new mascaras as I think there are a lot of high end and drugstore mascaras that are incredible! like the concealer it is a bit more expensive retailing at £19.50 which like before I’ve only really spent about £10 on a mascara but I’m intrigued to try it sometime soon. (Also how cool does the wand look?)mac_sku_MTEH01_640x600_0
  4. Then finally for now I would love to try out the Nars Blush in the shade ‘Dolce Vita’, I don’t wear blush often but when I do I only like it very subtle as I don’t think it suits me that much. However when I first saw this blush shade I thought its gorgeous! I really want to try this out one day as I think it may bring a love for blush! It is £23 but that is understandable as it is Nars which is a high end brand soI’d like to see if it is worth it!


That’s everything for now.


R xx

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