So recently, well literally today, I have had a little splurge in Boots so I thought I’d write a post to share the things I have purchased with you.

I will dive straight in as there are a lot of items…!

Firstly from Boots I picked up the ‘Sally Hansen Miracle Cure’ which was £9.99. I wanted something to protect my nails and strengthen them again, I’d say my nails FullSizeRender 11are in relatively good condition but can see the damage from using nail polish.

REVIEW….! I already LOVE IT!! After one use I can honestly say my nails feel in such better condition! It is definitely worth the money.


Secondly I picked up a few things from ‘Bourjous Paris’, they had an offer of 3 for 2 on and also you got a free lip liner when purchasing 3 items so thought I’d see if anything caught my attention! So I got the ‘Healthy mix Anti-fatigue concealer’ and two nail polishes in the shades ‘Chair et tendre’ and ‘Lycheers’. I’m yet to try the concealer but have always heard great reviews about it and the foundation in the same range so am looking forward to seeing if it is worth the hype! However the nail polishes I am not happy about (see below).

REVIEW…! The colours are absolutely gorgeous BUT the applicator is too big to give a clean coat on the nails. I am so disappointed as they are such nice colours but I’m not able to use them as they just look so untidy.

The next nail polish I bought was by Barry M in the shade ‘Pit Stop’, this was actually a repurchase as I love it. I’ve never used up a nail varnish before but I have with this one so I’m quite chuffed at that! It’s a gorgeous light grey colour which really compliments my skin tone. For £3.99 you cannot go wrong.

The next item was the ‘Real Techniques 4 mini miracle complexion sponges’, I was going to order them on amazon but when I saw them in Boots I thought I’d purchase them. Originally I was going to buy the pack of two which were £5.99 but my mum spotted that the pack of four was £7.99 so I thought it would be worth getting the four pack! Just look at how CUTE they are!

REVIEW…! They are amazing!! They fit nicely just under your eyes which means it makes it easier to blend your under eye concealer in place.

The next thing I bought was the ‘Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette’, after seeing so much hype about this palette for the past two years it must be I thought I’d give it a go. The colours are so versatile with the purple shade and corally/orange colour. It was £9.99 which I thought compared to brands like MAC, Urban Decay ect. was a bargain especially as you get 4 different colours.

REVIEW…! I love it. The pigment is actually INSANE! I do use a beauty blender to ensure that it doesn’t look too crazy for a daily basis but especially for festivals and parties it is really intense and looks incredible.

After that I bought the ‘Collection lasting perfection concealer’ in the shade ‘light’, I don’t really need to explain much about this as it’s so popular  and I’d be surprised if you hadn’t have heard about it (However each to their own.) ! I’m running short on my current one and thought as it’s never in stock, especially in my shade as it’s so popular, that I should pick one up as it’s only £4.19.

Lastly from Boots I picked up the ‘Barry M Showgirl Mascara’ in black. I walked passed this on the Barry M counter and recalled a memory that a youtuber had raved about it before (I think Emily Canham but I can’t remember!) so I picked it up as I’m always on the hunt for new mascaras although my collection is already out of hand…. I’m looking forward to seeing how good it is! It was £5.99 (I think!)


That’s it for today.

Thanks, R x


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  1. The nail polishes are such gorgeous shades! You can still use them with another brush I guess? I also want to try this concealer and I’m definitely getting it after mine finish! x

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