Long distance relationships

Long distance relationships…Something that is a big part of my life is my boyfriend, for good reasons and yes sometimes bad reason. 

He is quite literally the best thing to EVER happen to me. First of all he’s helped me through the rough and showed me that I can be happy. I never thought I could be so lovey dovey but he just totally swept me off my feet (yes I’m 17 but why should that change love?). A couple months before I started to talk to him I’d started year 11, my parents had separated and life was rubbish (it still is, there’s just some brief improvements). He came just at the right time. 

I’ve been with my boyfriend for about a year and 5 months now and they’ve honestly been the best. But the bad part is the distance. 

He lives in Spain and I live in the Uk.

We started talking on the 29th of October 2015, we met on the 29th of June 2016… we spoke for 8 months before I could finally be in his arms and they were quite possibly the worst 8 months. Finally I got to be in his arms and yet he had to go back home after just spending two days with me, this broke my heart.

 However, he did get to come and spend the majority of the summer with me which made me so happy and fall for him even more… Ever since, we’ve grown together, had many visits to and fro and every time is a new adventure. Every step of the way just gets better and better, creating new memories together and sharing things is the best thing and all both of us want

The wait to see each other again is hard and emotional. However by counting the days down and planning next visits it comes sooner than you think. 

The only piece of advice I could give someone in a ldr is communication. Never give up talking to each other, always let the other know how you feel, talk about crazy tiny things or even the future is a great topic (you never know what the future holds however talking about aspirations and goals for the future to do together and apart if worthwhile) (also there’s never anything not to talk about when it comes to the future…. jobs, family, goals, house, marriage, pets, holidays etc). 

Until next time, 


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