First Post – Lanzarote

First post…. wahey. For the past few years I’ve thought about writing a blog, since my recent adventures to Lanzarote with my sister and Grandparents; my boyfriend persuaded me to write about it (as long as he could spell check it…). After visiting Lanzarote in 2014 and 2016 during the easter half term my Grandpy wanted to go again! Seeing as him and my sister finish work in the early days of December (private school perks ey). So we all got packed up to start our third holiday to Lanzarote.

We flew out on Sunday the 11th of December and returned on the 18th. The flight was one thing I always worry about considering it’s 3 and a half hours but nethertheless we jetted off and after a long day of travelling we landed in arrecife at 7.30 pm. Unfortunately when we arrived it was pitch black and we had to travel to a new place and new villa where we had never stayed before. Fortunately I’m a fabulous map reader and we got there in no time at all. When we got there we met the women who owned the villa and she showed us around. Very tired and sleep deprived, we went to bed excited to see what the villa and the surroundings looked like in day time.

Monday the 12th, after a rubbish nights sleep I eventually emerged out for breakfast at about 9.30 am. Seeing as we arrived in Lanzarote late in the evening we did not have our usual food shopping so we managed with toast and juice for breakfast with some UHT milk for tea and coffee… nice. After eating a feast (!) and getting changed we headed off to the local Euro spar, despite driving past and going the wrong way a few times… about 100€ later and we have food. When we got back I decided to go in the pool as it was boiling and wanted to cool off. At the villa there was a shed type building full of inflatables and pool toys. After attempting to get in numerous times (it was horrific) I braved it and jumped in, I could only with stand about 3 minutes before I had to get out due to the sheer bitterness and cold.

We took instagram-able photos instead of getting in…

After lounging out in the sun for about half an hour we decided to take a drive into macher where we went to see my grandparents friend named Stephan. However we disturbed him during his siesta so although he was chuffed to see us he was tired and looked rough. After that we went down to Calero, this is a small harbourside with a handful of shops and restaurants, a bit more upmarket so to say. When visiting in April this year we ate dinner in a restaurant called ‘el tomatoe’ (presuming it means the tomato in Spanish…?). In this restaurant they quite possibly do the best steak I’ve ever tasted so we just had to go back! And I must say it lived up to standards. Hannah and grandma had breaded chicken and Grandpy had grilled fish… 10/10 for our meals on night one.


To be continued…



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